There is Beauty in Simplicity


Floral Tiered Fit And Flare Dress

I always loved bold colors and would wear mostly on the weekends. Now I am in them every chance I get along with having more fun with my new style. .

To my surprise I found this simply gorgeous dress in @express on sale and couldn’t leave without it especially since I also get a military discount on all purchases from Express. It fits right above the knee and have 2 layers. I have a few other photos and will share in a later post. I find some of my best pieces by accident or oddly on the sales rack. I will look for every opportunity to save money especially when it will allow me to buy more pretty things✨💕


Dress – @express ❤️
Bracelet – @juicycouture ❤️
Purse- @michaelkors ❤️




It’s Okay To Be Different

✨Don’t be afraid of being different✨ 

“Being different isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re brave enough to e yourself” – Anonymous

I am sure this story is not new or uncommon to many but it has taken me until now to share some of what I experienced as a teenager with anyone outside of my immediate family and very close friends. It may have taken me until my 30’s to really appreciate how being different was an asset and not a liability. Now that I am in my 50’s being different and unique is everything! ✨ 

I had to grow into myself and learn to appreciate my uniqueness as golden and an asset. I was extremely shy and was an introvert all through high school. I had four true friends my entire time in high school. What made my experience more difficult was that I was from another country already trying to figure out the puzzle of being a teenager in a space where being bullied just for existing was overlooked and there was no outlet to get help. I can’t count the times I complained to teachers and administrators and the answer was just deal with it you are new and have to get used to everything and pot be so sensitive. My mom shared her concerns with the administration and my teachers and nothing was done. 

I can now say that it’s interesting to see how some of the people who bullied and teased me during high school see me and now and want to be friends or look at me and say “you look great and look so different”… No I don’t I am the same person you bullied and made fun of, now you just see what you wish to see on the outside and not what lies inside. I even had some of them try to ask me out when I was single. The person that I am inside and outside have not changed. My clothes changed with the season and fashion, my face stayed the same (literally looked the same now as I did in high school)….The afraid teenage girl who tried to find a way to fit into a new environment has made her way through the cloud and haze of that time and have gained strength that lead me to be the woman I am today. I am happy to be unafraid of being different and purposefully look for ways to stand out. 

Be different! It looks good on You!!! ❤️✨❤️🔥

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Nail Care on a Budget

Well it happened again! I went to the local Dollar Store to grab bunny ears for an activity at RJ’s school and found what may be my new favorite nail care regimen. My nails are sensitive to tips because of the glue and the gel that is used to secure the tips. With that being said, I have not had my nails professionally done for a few years because the end result is my nails burn and itching immediately after the application begins and that is unacceptable from a health standpoint. They may look great but the risk and affect on my hands is not worth it for any reason. Since that has occurred I usually handle my nails myself or my daughter gives me a manicure when she is home.

I was pleasantly surprised to see this Amope Pedi Perfect Nail Care system and was compelled to get one for me, my daughter and a few for friends. It comes in pink and blue and also have nail care oil and replacement nail care heads for the system. The Manager of the store stated that the Nail Care System is a new addition to their product offerings and should be available in stores across the country.  Went back the next day and half the display case was empty.



Hope you get an opportunity to stop in your local store and try it out. Happy Dollar finds shopping.

All the best until next time.




She Can Fly!


IMG_3692 I am having a proud Mommy Moment!!!!……………My woman crush Wednesday is my humble, amazing and talented daughter @satkinsongrier❤️ What an amazing shot and collaboration between San and @rnicholsonphoto🔥San is dedicated to following her passion, purpose and dreams. As my daughter she continues to be an inspiration for me to follow my dreams. Proud of her and look forward to the next chapter and seeing the rest of the amazing work from her, Ryan and Jason. I can’t wait and I know it will be on🔥🔥🔥 Outfit Designed By @lgndry.mvmt by @satkinsongrier
Stylist: @satkinsongrier📸:@rnicholsonphoto & editing by @jasontracyphoto .

Instagram Post from Instagram:

I met @satkinsongrierduring my time at @altis last year. As much as I enjoyed documenting all the amazing athletes in the midst of training I also wanted to produce images where I had more control and the ability to create an image from start to finish. Thankfully Saniel and I were able to schedule some studio time in Kansas City a few months back and this image is the result of that collaboration. She is a badass high jumper with big dreams both on and off the track. Big thanks to Saniel and @jasontracyphoto for digitech/assisting!

All the best until next time.


Signs of Stress


Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 10.59.10 AM.png

Self care and awareness helps us to be our best selves. We have so many competing interest in our lives and how we manage them can possibly lead to being overcome and overstressed. Hope this article i read is able to help you prioritize some and eliminate other factors that can lead to our lives being filled with stress. Be well!

Exams, job interviews, deadline at work, family problems, etc – the list of these stress-givers is endless. We all experience stress in our everyday life, as in this modern world, “stress” is unavoidable. However, a time may come when this excessive stress can start harming our health. Here we list out the Top 10 signs of excessive stress. If you face any of these signs, it’s high time you should do something about it.

10 Signs You Are Under Too Much Stress

Until next time be well.



Uniquely Perfect

Women’s History Month – Celebrating Our Unique Perfection!

There are days where explicitly or implicitly as women we were expected to be perfect in every way. What I have come to realize is that on those days even though we may see ourselves as perfect in our attire, external appearance, knowledge, have a high level of confidence and exemplary in our performance, there will always be someone who still say we don’t measure up to their level of perfection and what we have done is still not enough.

That sense of fabricated perfection imposed on us by others is a way of keeping us controlled and can place unwanted anxiety and pressure that is just simply mean spirited. Some of that comes from someone feeling inadequate or threatened by our talents and what we have to offer. We have to be confident in ourselves because the world is not going to give us the benefit of the doubt and be confident in us as we are in ourselves.

One of the most stark example of explicit and implicit perfection expectations has been how some media outlets, tennis analysts and spectators have treated Serena Williams. Serena has been targeted for how she looks, her physique, how she dresses and what everyone else expects of her based on their theory or view of what they envision as perfection. What seems to have been continuously overlooked has been her ability to rise above the distractions around her all while become one of the greatest tennis players in history. What’s painfully clear is that even with all of her accomplishments and accolades there will always be people who don’t see pass their view of what she should be and miss out on seeing her true ability and greatness. 

Our truth is that we are perfect in every way. Our creator made us all uniquely perfect and that is sufficient. I have learned to embrace my perfection on my terms and work everyday to be a better person and not by someone else’s expectations or opinion.

Take gratification in your perfection and wear that armor proudly even when the blades start to fly your way. I see all women as perfect in every way. 

Until next time, all the best and be well. 


No Time for Negativity!

I am having one of those moments when my tolerance for people who claim to be your friend and someone who you considered to be your friend talk negatively behind your back. I am an optimistic person and believe that you should be treated the way you treat others. I don’t see what difficult about doing that and can’t understand why someone who is supposed to be in your circle feel the need to betray you. Well the way I handle that is to not be distracted from my mission and move forward in my purpose and passion. The incoming noise gets bounced off before they make it to my hemisphere.


Don’t get distracted!…..Stay focused on your goals.

Don’t allow the noise around you to distract you! 

Until next time all the best!