Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips

As we move into our summer schedules and all the activities with our families and kids please remember to place safety at the top of our list. With 4th of July quickly approaching we should be prepared for all emergencies that could occur if we are around fireworks or if you choose to set of fireworks from home. It’s easy to overlook the dangers that may await because everyone is so wrapped up in the excitement of the fireworks and easily overlook hazards. 

Summer Safety Tips: Part – 1
Fireworks Safety:
It’s suggested that families attend community fireworks displays run by professionals rather than using fireworks at home. Fireworks that are not handled correctly could cause fatal injuries. Children should never play with fireworks and it’s suggested that there should always be an adult supervising them while they are in an area with fireworks.

HEre’s a few links to organizations that provide detailed information and guidance on fireworks safety.

Here’s to a safe and happy holiday.

Have a safe and happy summer!



What a Week!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!! It’s been one of those weeks!!!!


I got sick on Sunday after running my body into the ground over the weekend😢 🤧The challenge of being a GenMom with kids generations apart has its peaks and valleys❤️✨



Our daughter @satkinsongrier came home for a layover on her way to go to high jump competition in Jamaica and to be home for her brothers birthday🎂❤️ We celebrated our little Prince 5th birthday at Disney all while I was still sick but the show must go on🤧With being sick and birthday trip planning I missed scheduling some of his activities for the next few weeks and planning a project with San😢😰



Hope you had a productive and fun week. If you missed some of your targets know that the work never ends and move to the next day or week! .


Enjoy your weekend and welcome summer ☀️ 🌞 📸 by @satkinsongrier

Outfit: @rossdressforless – My new favorite store❤️❤️❤️

All the best until next time.


Happy Father’s Day My Love!

Happy Fathers Day to my amazing husband. You are a blessing from God to our family. Your unwavering love and care for our family is what makes me love you more and more each day. Whether it’s supporting our daughter @satkinsongrier In going after her dreams and passion for high jumping and getting her Masters Degree or taking our son RJ fishing and teaching him how to roller skate, you never miss an opportunity to be present and involved in our kids lives. I know it gets hectic sometimes trying to keep it all going. Thanks for being the example they need to see of an amazing dad!

All the best until next time!


Dollar Tree Easter Bonanza

I am always trying to find unique ideas for arts and crafts to do with RJ and have been coming up with some fun stuff to do for Easter and be economically responsible to not spend too much on the supplies. I went to one of the local Dollar Tree to pick up learning and arts supplies and was pleasantly surprised to see the huge selection is Easter baskets, eggs, colored grass, pre painted eggs, candy and other supplies to decorate or create Easter baskets.

They have there’s really cool square decorative baskets with bunnies and flowers, bunny ears, cloth like baskets that were sports themed ( football 🏈 , soccer ⚽️ and basketball 🏀 designs) and all for $1 each. I purposely checked out some of the items at WalMart and Target. The only closely priced item to $1 were some of the plastic baskets that were marked for $0.98 cents on price drop.   

There is a large selection of decorations and signs the for lawns, front doors and just about everything else you could imagine. I had a successful trip and of course I left the store with more than I intended all while saving more than I would have if i had purchased from a large box store. I hope you have one of the stores in your area and have an opportunity to visit and check out their selections.

I absolutely love the “Teachers Corner”. You can find great learning resources for your little ones. Some of my favorite items in that section is the world map 🗺, K-5th grade core learning books for math, phonics and science. They have been great resources to help us prepare our son for Pre-K and Kindergarten next year. I saw the same items in larger retailers for $5.95 and above each. 

All the best until next time.


Mommy and Son Time

Well, sleeping in on Saturdays and Sundays have been cancelled!! Why can’t kids body clocks on weekend move up at least 2 hours? Why will kids wake up at 6 am on a Saturday and then they want you to be up and fully functional at that time. It’s always, Mommy I am ready to go, ready to play and want to do everything at 6 am. I have one eye open and one eye closed as I try to be responsive to just saying good morning to him. I can’t even think or rationalize moving from one point to the next. I keep saying “I Love my husband”……I will never grow old at this rate because I am always chasing RJ and if it has not caused me to pass out at least I am getting in lots of exercise and it’s keeping me young.

Let’s see what kind of fun we can have today and how much mischief we can get in together. Hope you and your little one(s) have a great weekend. Hug them tight and enjoy the moments even if we get no sleep or have no rest in between.

Until Next Time. Best, GenMom.

Mommy Moments..The Struggle is Real!

Introducing Toy of the Week. “T.O.W”

A never-ending struggle for me is that I find myself being over run and overcome by toys in the car, all over the house and everywhere you can imagine. This is a challenge for me because I am one of those moms who just cannot adjust to things being out of place. That includes the toys and everything RJ. I can only imagine what is running through some of my fellow bloggers minds that have kids. I know kids move toys and everything they see and you can never expect to find anything in its rightful place. Our job seems to never end as we are always moving and cleaning up toys to get them in bins. There are some who say that let kids be kids and they have to play and leave their toys stuff around and just deal with it and leave them there for the next day. Well, I am struggling because I am obsessive about cleanliness when it comes to objects being in order and that has taken a toll on my reality with having a toddler at my age.

There are times when RJ is really good at placing his toys and belongings he uses back in it’s bins, on shelves and then there are times when he is so into playing with almost every toy he has that he leaves them where they are and we are either falling all over them or somehow something happens accidentally and they get damaged. I am looking at new ways to try and keep toys in order or keep my sanity with them everywhere. One idea I am trying is to have RJ select a “Toy of the Week”. This toy will go with him to the car on his way to and from school, carry everywhere in the house but he has to place it back in its bin or designated location at the end of the day. He still plays with other toys whenever he chooses but only the T.O.W. would move to any room in our home. This may or may not work but it’s worth a try. So far this week it has worked well and so far I have not stepped over or on any toys on our bedroom floor or in the hallways.

The T.M.S.T. is one of RJ’s favorite toys and is from Disney Planes Fire and Rescue: Spray to the Rescue Ryker. He loves to play with Ryker at bath time, at the pool and on land. It floats on water and rolls across land very easily. You can put out make believe “fires” using Ryker’s special hose! Just rotate, aim, and shoot! Water will squirt out when you press the red button. RJ selected Ryker as his T.O.W. because it can literally go everywhere.

Let’s see how this goes for next week. I am just a mom trying to figure out this new space at my age of keeping up with a toddler. If it works then we will go with it, if not then we will try something else.

Until Next Time.

Best, GenMom.


Figure of Speech Through the Eyes of a Toddler

There are times when I am speaking with RJ and he questions what I mean when I say something. There are times when I can literally explain what I am saying in a way that he understands and he will ask questions and I will take time to make sure he is okay with the explanation.

Then, there are times when I am not able to explain because it’s fairly complex or it is a “figure of speech”. One of the figures of speech I use joking sometimes is “I quit, I am not playing anymore”. He quickly tells me that “Mommy, you can’t quit; you’re not supposed to quit. Mommy, you tell me all the time that I can’t quit” I have to explain that I am just frustrated and not really going to quit because it’s only a figure of speech. Well now RJ has started to use that statement on us when he says something that we question or when he says something and then changes his mind.

We were on our way home from an appointment and I remembered that I needed to stop at the supermarket. I mentioned it to RJ and said that he could stay in the car with daddy. He said he did not want to go so that was okay. I then started to get out of the car to go to the supermarket and RJ quickly said he wanted to go with me. When I told him that he said earlier that he didn’t want to go with me he quickly said that it was a figure of speech.


When I asked him to explain what a figure of speech is he said it was when you said something that was funny and then changed your mind. I almost fell out of the car. I have to remember that I am speaking to a 4 year old and at the same time remember that he comprehends and processes on a higher level due to what we have been teaching him. He is very comfortable with challenging me if I may tell him something that he thinks is questionable. He is truly keeping us honest and on alert to be able to answer whatever he throws our way.

At my age I should be sitting under an umbrella in a biking on the beach in the Caribbean sipping a mojito and relaxing in my later years but not me, I am going toe to toe with a 4 year old. I can only imagine that this is not going to get any easier. I need to get sharper because he is obviously going to get better at challenging me every step of the way.

This is when I laughingly say I love my husband.

Until Next Time.



Joys of Sunset in Parkland

The past few days have been a painful and devastating time for the families who lost their loved ones, others directly affected by the tragedy and our community. These times can test your faith and have you question why and how it could happen. We have been encouraged by the strength, determination and resilience of the students, teachers and our community. As a new member of the community the actions and cohesiveness that we have seen have validated why we moved to this area.

This amazing sunset today also reminded me that God’s beauty and mercy is never ending and the glory seen in the sunset we see everyday. It also reminds me to be thankful for the small things and not take for granted that I am here to see this everyday.

Remember to be happy for the small things that we sometimes take for granted and tell the people around us that we love and care for them. I have hugged and kissed my son so much since last week that he now tell me to stop hugging him or he just jugs me first.

Until Next Time. Be Well!