It’s Okay To Be Different

✨Don’t be afraid of being different✨ 

“Being different isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re brave enough to e yourself” – Anonymous

I am sure this story is not new or uncommon to many but it has taken me until now to share some of what I experienced as a teenager with anyone outside of my immediate family and very close friends. It may have taken me until my 30’s to really appreciate how being different was an asset and not a liability. Now that I am in my 50’s being different and unique is everything! ✨ 

I had to grow into myself and learn to appreciate my uniqueness as golden and an asset. I was extremely shy and was an introvert all through high school. I had four true friends my entire time in high school. What made my experience more difficult was that I was from another country already trying to figure out the puzzle of being a teenager in a space where being bullied just for existing was overlooked and there was no outlet to get help. I can’t count the times I complained to teachers and administrators and the answer was just deal with it you are new and have to get used to everything and pot be so sensitive. My mom shared her concerns with the administration and my teachers and nothing was done. 

I can now say that it’s interesting to see how some of the people who bullied and teased me during high school see me and now and want to be friends or look at me and say “you look great and look so different”… No I don’t I am the same person you bullied and made fun of, now you just see what you wish to see on the outside and not what lies inside. I even had some of them try to ask me out when I was single. The person that I am inside and outside have not changed. My clothes changed with the season and fashion, my face stayed the same (literally looked the same now as I did in high school)….The afraid teenage girl who tried to find a way to fit into a new environment has made her way through the cloud and haze of that time and have gained strength that lead me to be the woman I am today. I am happy to be unafraid of being different and purposefully look for ways to stand out. 

Be different! It looks good on You!!! ❤️✨❤️🔥



There are times when I will take peace at any price. As I have matured in age I definitely believe that not all battles are worth winning. Some of them are in our space to help us develop the strength to fight a more worthy battle that is ahead. I tend to pick my battles wisely and have no problem stepping away if needed. 

Hope that if you are faced with some battles ahead you are able to step away if possible and gain strength to have to conquer the more worthy battles ahead. 

Be Well! 


My Pageantry Backstory

I have been asked how I ended up competing in pageants, why I decided to do it and how was the experience. .

In 2008 and 2009 my daughter @satkinsongrier competed in the Miss Maryland Teen USA Pageant. One of the directors thought she was my sister and suggested for me to compete in the Ms. Pageant. Once she found out I was her mom she suggested we compete together and I would compete in the Mrs. Division. I immediately said no because I was not interested. Somehow my daughter convinced me to compete because I was already involved in mentoring and working with charitable organizations.

She went off to college and made me promise to compete😢❤️ At 47 years old, I stepped out of my comfort zone to compete in my first pageant. I was Runner Up for Mrs Maryland USA 2010 and did it a second time and was crowned Mrs Maryland International 2011. I have met some amazing accomplished women along the way and friends with them to this day with the pageantry sisterhood that runs deep and goes around the world. It takes a lot of commitment and preparation to compete at a state and national level. Everyone sees the end result but don’t understand the never ending work that goes on behind the scenes. The support system and directors who were in my corner were all phenomenal and I could not have done it without them❤️ .

The opportunity allowed me to use my title to promote mentoring, girls and women empowerment and importance of community involvement.

Asked if I would do it again and the answer is not likely. I will let others have all the fun❤️✨🌟 👸🏽

📸 by @philkdc

Best until next time!


B-52 Bomber from Recycled Materials

One of our favorite places to visit is the Young at Art Museum @youngatartmuseum. It’s a great place for interactive and creative activities for kids of all ages.

He loves airplanes and loves to make them every chance he gets and with anything he can find.✈️Here’s his B-52 bomber he made from recycled materials. As we were leaving the museum one of the attendants asked him to explain what he made. After he told her that it was a B-52 bomber with gunners, engines and cargo space she asked if she could take pictures of his B-52 to show others and her friend who builds airplanes ✈️ 📚📸Proud Mommy Moment✨This is going to be an awesome summer and can’t wait to see what else he creates.

Once we got home he wanted to build a runway with for the plane to take off. The plastic table cloth used for the arts and craft table and his coloring pencils ended up being the runway and the guide path for the plane to travel through. I don’t know how he comes up with these ideas but it’s going to me a busy and creative summer.

Details below on how to make the B-52 Bomber. ✈️💥✨

Making B-52 Bomber

1 – Empty 2 Liter plastic bottle soda bottle
2 – Empty 16 or 12 ounce water bottles
2 – empty glue stick containers
1 – roll of scotch tape
2 – sheets of recycle paper from magazine cover or paper with that texture or thickness.


  • Place the 2 -liter bottle on a table or counter
  • Cut the wings from the recycle paper (length of wings to your preference)
  • Tape it across the middle portion of the bottle with scotch tape.
  • Take the two 16 ounce water bottles and cut in two parts.
    • If you use the 12-ounce bottles then cut about ¼ inch off from the bottom and use the remainder for the engine.
  • Use the top of the bottle to tape under the middle of the wings
  • Use the two empty glue stick containers and place on the outer area of the wing to the left of each engine.
  • Have the open portion of the glue stick positioned to the rear portion of the plane.
  • Cut 2 pieces of paper 2’ x 2’ and tape them to the left rear and right rear of the body of the plane.
  • Cut 1 piece of paper 3” long by 2” wide.
  • Make a cut of 2” in the center of the rear tail of the bottle and tape the 3” piece of paper in the 2” open space.


Enjoy making and playing with your B-52 Bomber!

All the best until next time!



Here’s to Smelling the Roses

Hoping you have a great start to your weekend and that you enjoy every moment. Remember to slow down and smell the roses as you go along your travels and activities. .
I have to remind myself of this everyday because I get so wrapped up in the list of things to accomplish that I forget to enjoy the joys that occur every moment.

Be Well!

Being the Change You Want To See

Our society and world can be so cynical and mean spirited that sometimes you wonder how people can be so down right cruel in their intentions, with their words and actions. The hatred is not restricted to adults in their mean spiritedness, they have no reservation in going after children as well. It seems there is no low that is too low for how people treat each other these days. There is no limit to what people say to others that they don’t know, whether in person or while sitting in front of a computer and attacking someone from a keyboard. Civility seems to have ceased or stood still and that has my heart aching as I try to ensure that our son is not affected by so much of the negativity, animosity and hurtfulness that is expressed everyday.

As parents we try to shield our children to the best of our ability but there is always instances where they come face to face with the madness of what is being portrayed as the norm and as an okay way of behaving when it is certainly not okay. We teach our son that the negativity he may hear is not normal or unacceptable. We are blessed that through our discussions and examples that we have shown him and taught him that he has to be the better person in situations where he would encounter any form of negativity.

It’s great to see how he puts that into action when he is out and he sees or hears something that is unacceptable and he will acknowledge that the person is not being nice or that they should say excuse me or thank you.

We teach our son to treat others the way he wants to be treated and that everyone should be valued regardless of their status or social place in the world.  We are not perfect parents or humans but we are delighter to see his positive attitude in how he interacts with his peers. We have to be the change and show them that they too are the change we want to see in our world!


All the best until next time!