What to Eat Struggles

The struggle continues and seems to be getting more challenging with our selective eater. He will not like or eat meat so chicken, bacon, turkey; hot dogs are all out of the question and he is allergic to nuts so that is another challenge. He wants nothing to do with cereals such as cheerios, frosted/corn flakes, cinnamon crunch etc. He now has found a love for fish so we have fish and tuna that we prepare for dinner and sometimes lunch. He will eat his fill of salads, all kinds of vegetables and fruits so I take advantage of every opportunity to give him his favorites.

Lately he has been even more selective and even his favorites are no longer options for him to eat. That had me a bit concerned so I consulted with his doctor and was told he is healthy and will probably grow out of it. Well in the meantime I am a bit concerned that he may not be getting enough protein and have been trying some fun recipes where I can ensure its packed with enough protein and other nutrients and tasty that he will eat.

I found a new favorite recipe by accident and now he is in love with the idea. I prepared an Acai bowl at home and he wanted to taste it and the rest is history. The difference with his bowl is that it does not have Acai included. It’s prepared with Silk Very Vanilla, blueberries, strawberries, kale, spinach, pineapples, sliced apples and half or a banana. I top it with blueberries and sliced bananas and he loves it and as far as he is concerned it’s an Acai Bowl. He gets everything in the bowl that would be challenging to give separately at a meal.

If he eats a waffle or bagel for breakfast then the bowl supplements for what he would be missing in other forms of protein. We use it also for dinner regardless of what he eats as a main course. The bowl is used as a dessert and puts my minds at ease knowing that he is getting an adequate serving of protein and other nutrients.

The story continues and I am ready for him to grow out of this phase and start eating or trying other foods. He doesn’t have to eat meat but it would be good for him to go easy on being so selective. Mommy would really appreciate the consideration.

All the best until next time!






There are times when I will take peace at any price. As I have matured in age I definitely believe that not all battles are worth winning. Some of them are in our space to help us develop the strength to fight a more worthy battle that is ahead. I tend to pick my battles wisely and have no problem stepping away if needed. 

Hope that if you are faced with some battles ahead you are able to step away if possible and gain strength to have to conquer the more worthy battles ahead. 

Be Well! 


Summer Safety Series

Summer Safety Series: Part – 1
Fireworks Safety:
It’s suggested that families attend community fireworks displays run by professionals rather than using fireworks at home. Fireworks that are not handled correctly could cause fatal injuries.

Summer Safety Series: Part – 2
Water Safety
As you start the summer remember to review pool and water rule with your family. Some of the following are important to a safe and fun summer. Always have an adult monitoring kids in the water. Locate the lifeguard upon arrival and show them to your family. Walking and not running to the pool. Avoid using electronic equipment when you are at the pool and responsible for monitoring kids. Check out the link in my bio for more information.

Summer Safety Series: Part – 3
Playground Safety Tips:
Make sure children cannot reach any moving parts that might pinch or trap any body part. Parents should be mindful to supervise children on play equipment to make sure they are safe. Avoid using your phones while you are supervising your children. It only takes a second for something to happen. Remember to talk to your kids about stranger danger. Check out the link in my bio for more information.

Summer Safety Series: Part – 4
Bicycle Safety:
A helmet protects your child from serious injury, and should always be worn. When purchasing a helmet, look for a label or sticker that says the helmet meets the CPSC safety standards. Helmets are particularly important for preventing and minimizing head injuries. Arm and kneepads are always recommended for additional safety in minimizing scratches and injuries from falling. Check out the link in my bio for more information.

Summer Safety Series: Part – 5
Bug safety Tips:
Always avoid areas where insects nest or congregate, such as stagnant pools of water, uncovered foods and gardens where flowers are in bloom. Don’t use scented soaps, perfumes or hair sprays on your child if they are going outdoors.

Have a safe and happy summer!


Veggie Penne Pasta

Prep Time: 5 Mins
Cook Time: 15 mins
Total Prep Time: 20 Mins 

2 Cups Penne Pasta
1 Medium Onion
1 Garlic Clove
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 Tsp Tarragon
1 Tbsp Oregano
1 Tbsp Basil
Salt & Pepper
1 – Bunch of Broccoli Florets
½ of Large Red Pepper
½ of Yellow Bell Pepper
½ of Green Bell Pepper
½ of Orange Bell Pepper
½ Cup of shredded carrots 

Preparation Instructions

  1. Peel and dice your onion. Peel and dice your garlic cloves.
  2. Slice peppers and broccoli and add shredded carrots. Place in medium saucepan to sauté for 3 minutes on medium heat. Do not overcook; the vegetables should not be soft.
  3. Add the remaining seasoning to the saucepan with vegetables and sauté for 3 minutes on low heat.
  4. Leave vegetables in saucepan away from the heat for it to be added to pasta later.
  5. Add the pasta along with an equal amount of boiling water in medium pasta pot.
  6. Cook for 15 minutes covered on medium heat.
  7. Drain pasta and add to large Pyrex dish. Mix the pasta and vegetable mix with a wooden spoon. 

Hope you enjoy!

All the best until next time!

Eat Your Rainbow!

Eat Your Rainbow! If at the end of a rainbow there is a pot of gold, then at the end of your fruit rainbow is a healthier and longer life, which is your goldmine.  

I am a fruit and vegetable lover and have been one since i was a child. There is always fresh fruit in our refrigerator or on our counter and it never seems to be enough for my family. I am lucky that my oldest and youngest love to eat fruits and vegetables. Yes, they both eat some of the most interesting fruits and veggies like, broccoli, blackberries, beets, guava and cauliflower. I can eat a bowl of fruits for breakfast with oatmeal or lunch with a salad and not feel hungry. I also like to use fresh or frozen fruits for shakes that I usually drink twice a day as a supplement in between regular meals. 



All of the beautiful colors which make up a rainbow and more will be the key to unlocking a healthier you and improving your life span. There are numerous nutrients that make up each fruit and vegetable that supports your desire for improved health from boosting immune function, maintaining skin elasticity and preventing wrinkles and signs of aging, contributing to preventing cancer, increasing longevity, improving heart function and detoxifying your body of contaminants. No single fruit or vegetable will provide all the nutrients you need for health but eating a variety will provide you with the powerful nutrition it requires.

 Here’s to a healthier you and to longer life!

All the best until next time!


Looking for a Good Night Sleep

Getting a good night sleep has been very challenging and by the morning I fell like my eyes have been open all night. When we travel I know and expect that I will not get a good night sleep because we are away from home and just not comfortable enough to fully relax.

Having a 4 year old at 53 and needing to be alert for when he wakes up at night has me drained with his room monitor display and audio on all night. Then there is the ambient light that’s from the monitor of the alarm system display, the cable box and TV display. All of this has contributed to me not being able to get a restful or decent night’s sleep.

It was suggested for me to try Melatonin or have a glass of wine before going to sleep. Though that sounds great, it’s not feasible with having to be alert and staying alert for our son. I remembered using an eye mask when I was younger and traveled abroad and thought I would give it a try and see how it worked.

The eye mask seems to be one of the simplest and most effective of these solutions. If I can block out the lights that are reflecting and get it to be true darkness, it could causes me to get a more restful night sleep. When I am not feeling well and my husband takes the helm then I go full force and also use earplugs to improve my chance of falling asleep and sleeping through the night.

I found a popular brand of blackout style mask at Marshalls for $3.99 and also found a mask set for $8.00, which includes the eye mask, satin pillow and jasmine spray for the pillow. I have been using the solo eye mask and already seeing the results. Even with the shades pulled and the covering the lights from various devices that have to remain on during the night.


I found the information below to be beneficial as well and hope if you are having the same experience it would be helpful.


  1. They’re cheaper than blackout curtains.
    Researchers who study sleep are pretty unanimous in the assessment that the darker your room, the better your sleep. But most of us don’t live in caves, and so the only way to make your bedroom totally dark is with blackout curtains—a costly proposition if you’ve got big windows. As an alternative, you can simulate darkness by using a sleep mask to keep ambient light (or, if you’re a day-sleeper, daylight) from hitting your eyes. Blackout-style masks, like the MINDFOLDor Total Eclipse Sleep Mask, offer almost complete darkness, but even a blindfold-style mask like the Nest Bedding Luxury Sleep Maskor the Alaska Bear Sleep Mask will do a good job at blocking light.
  2. They improve your sleep quality.
    The primary reason that those scientists say you need darkness for good sleep is actually evolutionary. Humans—and our pre-human ancestors—are naturally diurnal, meaning we’re awake during the day and sleep at night. For thousands of years before electric lights allowed us to keep working or socializing late into the evening, humans naturally slept while it was dark and were awake during the day. Our brains are hard-wired into associating darkness with sleep, and they produce more melatonin (the hormone that controls our sleep and wake cycles) when they sense an absence of light. In addition to increased melatonin production, scientists have also linked dark sleeping conditions to increased time in REM sleep and decreased wakefulness—meaning you’re more likely to sleep deeply and to sleep through the night. And they’ve found these benefits with sleep masks, not just in dark rooms. 
  3. They might help your insomnia.
    Because our brains associate darkness with sleep, it may be possible to utilize a sleep mask in muting the “noise” (stress, anxiety, excitement, etc.) in our brains that’s keeping us up at night. Sleep masks also make it impossible for you to open your eyes and look at the temptations and distractions around your room or at your alarm clock, which sleep scientist’s say should be out of sight from your sleeping position anyway.
  4. They’re safer than medication or alcohol.
    A lot of people who have trouble sleeping use sleeping pills or self-medicate with alcohol in order to get some rest. But pharmaceutical sleeping aids—even non-prescription ones—can be habit-forming or come with side effects. (Plus, the chance of overdose is real.) And alcohol not only comes with the same risks as sleeping pills, but it also disrupts your sleep cycle and has a negative impact on the overall quality of your rest. Because sleep masks trick your brain into believing it’s time for sleep, they’re a low-risk, non-chemical alternative to more conventional sleep aids, but you may find they’re just as effective.

All the best until next time!



Jerk Shrimp Salad

What’s for Lunch?

Well lately I find myself eating more salads topped with Boneless Chicken Beast, Shrimp, Fish, Tuna and Salmon. I have been using variations of seasoning to prepare the toppings and then add cranberries, shredded cheese and a vinaigrette dressing.

Preparation for 1 serving: 
1. Select preferred serving size for the meat you will use for the topping.
2. Use 2 teaspoon of jerk seasoning and add to the meat in a mixing bowl.
3. Bake or sauté the seasoned selected meat with 1 tablespoon of olive oil in oven or saucepan until fully cooked or to your preference.
4. Prepare salad with you favorite vegetables, add the meat topping, dressing and enjoy.



All the best until next time!


Celebrating Friendships

Our lives get so busy that we sometimes loose sight of what’s important and the moments that we miss along the way.

Last year when I was transitioning from my career I would have these flashes in my mind of lunch gatherings, girls night and time that I needed to have so that I would continue to cultivate my friendships with my friends who were already in the area where I relocated. To be honest, it was also to get caught up on all that I have missed with working 12-14 hour days at work or still working while I was home. I know that I missed a lot of the moments that were spontaneous with friends and missed my share of scheduled events.

Well I moved and none of what I envisioned in connecting with my friends has happened over the past eight month. Then life happened and I had been so focused on getting our home unpacked, son settled in to school and our household in sync that I forgot to stay true to myself and celebrate my friendships.

I am committed and working on getting better with making time for myself and part of that is spending quality time with my girlfriends. It could be as small as coffee or tea at the coffee shop or a day trip to rejuvenate our minds and spirit. This morning I called my friend who works close to my home and invited her over for lunch and bonding time. I prepared baked Panamei Snapper and served with homemade salad. I added cherry cranberries as a topping for a bit of natural sweet flavor. Working on being a healthier friend and looking out for her health as well.


All the best until next time!


L.H.O.P. Fitness

Looking for a committed and energetic personal trainer? Check out L.H.O.P. Fitness located in the Washington D.C. area.  

Certified Personal Trainer Kimberly Marshall who specializes in healthy personal fitness programs owns L.H.O.P. Fitness. Here’s some more information on Kimberly and her mission.

After a defining moment in her life, Kimberly decided to take a hand on approach to her health and wellness journey by starting to work out daily and educating herself on the different aspects of heath and wellness.  

Her passion for health and wellness resulted in the start of her business Living Healthy On Purpose (L.H.O.P.) Kimberly started to see the change and positive impact on other people’s lives and that fueled her even more. Kimberly became more passionate after seeing the positive impact she was having with her clients.

L.H.O.P. focus is not solely focused on loosing weigh, dropping a size or more or by the stresses of being smaller. It’s on living the healthiest lifestyle that is possible in order for you to be healthier you. Its a community of clients who support each other and hold each other accountable to be their better selves everyday. The clients are the central focus of the program and their commitment to their health and wellness with their personal transition is what drives Kimberly to excel as a personal trainer. 

Link to her site is https://www.lhopfitness.net/

DMV Metro Area

Tel: 240-326-3993
Owner: Kimberly Marshall


Be well until next time.