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Martha & Marley Spoon Cooking

I prepared the Glazed Sesame Drumsticks from Martha and Marley Spoon and my family loved it.


How to Make Jamaican Oxtails

Jamaican Oxtails Preparation Time: 25 Mins. Cook Time: 35 Mins. Temperature: Medium – High Heat Serves: 4-6 Persons Recipe by: Sandra Ingredients: 3 -4 lbs. oxtails with separated joints 1 tablespoon grace or maggie browning sauce 3 tablespoon grace oxtail seasoning 2 cups (475 ml) stock (beef)* 3 whole cloves garlic 1 medium yellow onion,

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No More Meat!

No More Meat! Well, since RJ has decided he is a vegetarian my husband  have decided to go on the journey with him and remove red meat, chicken or turkey from his diet and only eat fish and salmon. I am now scrambling to find delicious vegetarian recipes and fun ideas for lunch and dinner.

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