Martha & Marley Spoon Cooking

I love cooking and wanted to mix it up a bit with some new ideas and decided to try some of the prep packaged meals that I had been hearing about. I heard an advertisement from Martha and Marley Spoon for a taste test where you would get 3 free meals plus free shipping so I decided to check it out. I received my first order of Martha & Marley Spoon this week and was pleasantly surprised. I prepared the Glazed Sesame Drumsticks with Kale and Carrots and my family loved it.

The meals are all packaged separately and cold packed for vegetables and seasoning that require refrigeration or ice packed for meats. I received 3 meals for my first order and have already prepared two of them and one remaining. The meals come with clear recipes and instruction for preparation. You basically have all of what you need mailed to you in the package, event butter and cheeses if the recipe requires.

If you are looking to test out prep packaged meals then I would definitely suggest you check them out during the offer period. I will be posting the other meals over the next few days.

Bon a Petit



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