Lessons of Love from a 4 Year Old!

RJ’s Super Star Week!


RJ's Superstar Week
RJ’s Superstar Week

This has been an amazing week for RJ at school. He has received the “Fruit of the Spirit for Love” for his class, aced all of his sight words and had top rating for his behavior all week. We teach RJ to be kindhearted, caring and respectful of everyone regardless of their culture or background. He is such a loving son and genuinely cares about people he meets. This is the best Valentine’s Day present that we could receive. 

If someone in his class is sick he includes them in his prayers every night and keeps them there until he replaces their name with someone else that may be sick. He loves to open the door for his mommy and anytime he sees a woman or girl walking to the door he runs to hold it open.

It is heart warming to see what we are teaching him being put into action at school, home and when he is out. We had a great afternoon celebrating with a special trip to a new adventure location. The video of our exciting trip will be posted next week.

Great Week RJ! Thanks for our early Valentine’s DayPresent. 

Val Day Balloons



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